Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring is springing!

Lots and lots going on for our busy family.  I've been busy with my ducks and chickens.  Boy are they getting big.  I've moved them outside on a permanent basis now, but on a temporary basis in our rabbit house.  Our very sweet neighbor has offered us one of her old chicken houses (she had 2 and bought another).  It's actually a really nice house, probably better than what we might have built on our own.  We'll be getting that this next week when hubby has a couple days off to coordinate it.  I needs to be moved whole so we're going to be wrangling up some muscly friends.  The fowl are enjoying the outdoor immensely tho.  I had started with just taking them outside to corral in a fenced pen then at night taking them in to sleep in their buckets in the basement.  Well, after that taste of freedom I couldn't keep them in their buckets.  The chickens began exploring my basement (and poo-ing EVERYWHERE!)  The ducks at least couldn't get out - but BOY did I hear about it.

I think I bought the noisiest water fowl available.  Here's some pictures of the chickens and ducks enjoying their first day out of the basement.

It was funny to watch them.  At first all they did was huddle up and look around like "where has the big human put us now?!"  Once they realized they were walking around on edible stuff they were as happy as... chickens on grass.  =)

I made a cute 'sunflower' cake for Easter.  That was fun.  Here's a pic with my Zman.

I did some more work in the yard.  Getting seeds and plant starts planted.  I think I'm a bit too anxious about getting things growing.  The weather here in our part of the world seems mild, but also seems to take foreeever to warm up to growing season.  We even have rain on the 4th of July.  I think I might have killed my bean plants, the 3 I replanted from the inside, but I think the pea is still giving it a try.  I also bought 4 strawberry plants.  Poor things, I need to get them planted soon.  At least the rain is keeping them watered.  Lol

Here's my miss P helping me out

I took some old boots my Zman grew out of and planted some spring appropriate flowers that I knew could handle the weather. 

I am also now, the mother of an 18 year old.  I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by.  I made him a zombie face cake since that's his obsession right now.  I even dyed the inside red.  =)  He said he loved it.  And if I may say so myself, it turned out really tasty!  You can't tell because it's dyed green but the frosting is a white chocolate and I did a strawberry white chocolate filling.  Yum yum! 

Winter is over, spring is here and I just realized we have less than 2 months left of school.  Holy cow!  Boy does time fly.  I better go spend these fleeting minutes with my kids.  Talk at ya'll again soon.

God Bless!